Sometimes you have those moments, then you observe what he is working inside, and what he puts in the cart in the supermarket. I can laugh at it, sometimes I ask, do you know what’s in it? But of course, I do not want to whine too much. It is funny to see that there is a lot of difference in preference. Because we write a blog in turn, but both have such a different relationship with food compared to our partners, we have consciously visualized this. hilarious process, but do they want to know something about it? Because our men do not like to be in the spotlight, we have given the names a fictitious twist.


  • Janneke: “May I follow you for a week, and keep track of what you eat?”
  • Jip: “Yes, but if you live together, you can help me better.”
  • Janneke: “Aha .. I have a positive influence so ..”
  • Jip: “Haha, yes, I do not always listen to it.”

Aware in the picture

As a starting point, we have taken the Schijf van Vijf, to what extent do we reach the recommended daily amount? And to what extent do we eat outside the Schijf van Vijf?

Quite interesting to show this, for example, I love nuts and avocado, but I can eat too much. Our tip! Make use of an App, such as the Eetmeter of the nutrition center or MyFitnessPal that you can also link to your Fitbit if you use it.

  • Jerry: tells Ben what’s on the menu tonight
  • Ben: “Well, I do not need to, I eat pizza”
  • Jerry: “Excellent, self-knowledge”
  • Ben: (sees Jerry’s food), “Oh, that looks pretty good, can I have something ?”

A day in the diet of… Ben and Jerry:

A day in the diet of Jip and Janneke:


What does the food center say about our recommended daily amounts?

To calculate the energy that you consume from eating, we use calories (kcal). Not everyone needs the same amount of energy every day. If you move a lot, you need more calories and men generally use more fuel than women. On average, we assume 2,000 kilocalories (kcal) for women and 2,500 kcal for men. If you have a healthy weight, you stay in balance with this guideline. (Voedingscentrum, 2018) But again what works for one does not have to work for the other. These are average guidelines.

We know, of course, that men need something more than women, but this has to do with energy balance in both cases. The level of consumption and use, just like a car that needs petrol to drive.

5 tips to make your partner eat healthier

1. Make sure you’re an example, instead of setting goals for him.

Then you get those nice reactions like: “Oh, that looks nice, can I even try that?”

2.Involve him in cooking

Cooking together is much fun, you have the best and funniest moments and meanwhile cut one and cook the other! Again a moment to give your friend some knowledge or tips.  She: “Yes, you can also make a sauce with curry powder and coconut milk, instead of buying ready-made packages and bags.” He “Oh, I did not know, this is pretty good.” ”  That makes you happy!

3. Go shopping together or make sure you already have the healthy products at home

Doing the shopping together makes the preparation fun and ensures that the choices are healthier and more conscious than ‘just something fast’ and yet often unhealthy. The vegetable is often the basis for us, and other ingredients are added. A piece of fish, herbs, avocado, etc. He: “Huh do you do that? I always look at the package that needs to be added “.

4. Talk about the positive benefits

He “But I like white balls.”  Then I explain why whole-grain products contain more nutrients and fibers and provide a full-bodied feeling for a longer time. Therefore, after 2 white balls, you feel like a cookie again.

5. Have a lot of fun & accept that he is not like you are!

It is understandable that you want your partner to eat as healthy as possible and that you want to share knowledge and ideas, but the healthiest thing is to let go of someone you want to change. You can inspire each other and also complement each other well. Of course, we also have of those days that we eat less healthy, the beauty is that he will not complain about that. Every now and then you just enjoy a box of nachos or a chocolate bar YAY.

Last but not least, be open to new things and inspire each other! I am glad that I have made my friend (Jip) so enthusiastic about mountain biking, an activity that we can do together. He plays a lot, and you do not make him happy with racing bikes, but he can really enjoy mountain biking. Nice exercise together! He ( Ben) in the evening at 21.10 still at work at home .. “I can not concentrate anymore.” She: “Hup! we go out, enjoy a walk! “

We are curious how you deal with the difference in preference for food or does your friend always eat ‘what the pot does’? Let us know!

With sporty greetings,

Team FitnessAlbum

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