Creating a healthy lifestyle, it seems like half the world is busy with it. The healthy eateries shoot like mushrooms, as do the young opportunity seekers who profile themselves – without any qualifications – as personal trainer or nutritionist.

In addition, our population seems divided into two groups. Group 1, in which people have breakfast with  green smoothies  or  porridge  and visit the gym every day. There is also group 2, in which people do not seem to suffer from their extra kilos and hardly dwell on their eating and exercise pattern. Well, why would you invest in your health?

Nothing is more difficult than adjusting your behavior, and that is why it is easier to proceed on the same foot. It costs us less energy. We all know that a growing percentage of the population is getting fatter. What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? Why would you suddenly start walking more? Or take the bike to work? Why should you eat more vegetables instead of an extra meatball?

To clarify why a healthy lifestyle is so important, I will list a few (only 31)  points for you  .

Exercise (that does not necessarily have to be sports):

  • It is good for the heart and blood vessels.
  • Lowers the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol.
  • Because movement improves blood circulation, it is good for our brain. We have a better memory, are more creative, improve our responsiveness and our learning ability increases.
  • Movement ensures that we become happier. We are less likely to suffer from depression and mood disorders.
  • People with a good physical condition are less likely to suffer from stress.
  • Exercise helps our bones to stay strong and improves our immune system.

Healthy food:

  • Healthy food provides enough energy and different nutrients, which ensure that our body can function properly.
  • With healthy food we reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
  • We feel fitter through healthy food.
  • We become more resistant to influenza because it improves our immune system.
  • By eating vegetables and fruit we get important minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibers inside. These keep the body clean, and form the basis of healthy eating.
  • Fibers stimulate the intestines and ensure a healthy bowel movement.

Enough relaxation:

  • Relaxation is needed for the restoration of body and mind.
  • Enough relaxation makes it easier for us to deal with stress in the private and work areas.

Getting enough sleep:

  • Getting enough sleep is essential for the functioning of the body and mind.
  • It ensures that the nervous system functions properly.
  • As a result, we are less irritable and impatient.
  • Our memory works better.
  • It increases the concentration.
  • It helps to make (sensible) decisions.
  • We are more productive.
  • It saves unnecessary kilos.
  • The immune system is improved.
  • It has a positive influence on healthy eating habits and sufficient exercise
  • We are more resistant to stress.
  • Your skin gets better, because the skin cells get the chance to renew themselves.

Sufficient (water) drink:

  • Helps to regulate your body temperature.
  • Helps transport nutrients.
  • Help to digest your food.
  • Help combat fatigue
  • By drinking enough water, you give your body the chance to dispose of waste.

These are not even all benefits. Now you can make a decision for yourself about whether or not to change your lifestyle. You control your life, you decide how fit you wake up, how easily you bump into the wind and roll through the grief stages (or not).

Do you want to do something about it, then you understand that tackling one of these points is not enough. In our programs we show you what benefits a healthy lifestyle has even more. We teach you what healthy nutrition is and we do not radically change your behavior, but gradually. This way both you and your environment can slowly get used to the new you.

We have a community that knows exactly how difficult it is to take those steps. They are also there to give you the sense of understanding, and to motivate you when it is against it.

Are you going to benefit from all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? Or would you rather continue with unhealthy habits?

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