Those who regularly do yoga will be rewarded with radiantly beautiful skin

That’s why yoga does your skin so well

Ava Shamban, a dermatologist at the University of California (UCLA), explains that it’s good for the complexion anyway when you train – the blood vessels are dilated and the skin gets a healthy glow. But yoga, in particular, helps to lower the stress hormone cortisol in the body, which reduces collagen production and dehydrates your skin.

If you regularly do yoga, your skin benefits in two ways: Controlled movements, meditation and breathing exercises reduce the stress level, which can also stress your skin properly – inflammation, pimples & Co. are the results. In addition, sweating helps flush toxins out of your body, and yoga poses to boost your blood circulation.

These yoga poses ensure a radiant complexion

Extra tip for all professional yogis: Almost every yoga exercise makes for a better skin, but there are certain poses that bring more than others – in terms of detox, blood circulation, and stress reduction. For example Uttanasana (standing forward bend), Ardha Matsyendrasana (turning seat), Sirsana (handstand) and Matsyasana (fish). On the mat, get set, go!

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