Water! We can not live without it. In principle we know the need for drinking, but are we really aware of what water means for our well-being? If we are more aware of this, we give it more priority and the need for ourselves may be much greater. Many women struggle to get the right amount of water but with these tips, we bring your fluid balance back-on-track!

Water: more than a thirst quencher

Our body consists of more than half of water. You would think that we mainly consist of muscles and fat, but it is simply out of the water. Often we only drink when we get thirsty, but that is not the first symptom that our body needs fluid. It even means that you have been drying out for quite a while.

Water is essential for the removal of waste, for the absorption of nutrients and for all our body processes. Drinking enough water is important for proper digestion, healthy organs and brains. In addition, it is also good for our skin, hair and is a tool for weight loss.

Good for a healthy body & mind!

How do you know if your fluid balance is OK? Simple. By continuing to drink regularly. Below you can find even more benefits of drinking water. It is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle, a healthy body, and a happy mindset!

  • Water reduces our hunger feeling;
  • Water detoxifies your body during weight loss;
  • Water gives you energy.

The right amount of water

How much moisture you need depends on your body weight, but if you drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day, that is enough. We extract part of this (approximately 20%) from our food. Moreover, some drinks and nutrients are actually drifting out of moisture, so they are not really conducive to our fluid balance. By water, we mean tap or mineral water, herbal teas and fresh juices. So it depends not only on how much you drink but also on what you drink and even when you drink it.

Tips for drinking water at the right time

  • When you get up, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice. Lemon gives your liver a boost and the water gets your digestion going. Do not you like it? In any case, drink a glass of water when you stand up.
  • Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before you eat, this reduces your appetite and also triggers your digestion.
  • Always try to drink two glasses of water between meals. Make it a routine.

Tips for drinking more water

  • Always take a bottle of water with you! Make it your priority to teach yourself this. Always fill it up when you step out of the door. For example, use the Bobble, a convenient drinking bottle to take with you everywhere.
  • A glass for each puddle. If you drink more you go to the toilet more often, always drink a glass of water before you pee. That’s how it is!
  • Give the water a taste. Use lime, fresh fruit or fresh herbs such as mint and basil to give your water a taste.
  • Swear soft drinks! This already helps so much to avoid a lot of calories. It does not necessarily help to drink more, but still a very important one, especially if you also want to lose weight.
  • Are you going to the tap to fill your glass? Then immediately drink your filled glass and fill it again.

Tip! Use a water app

The handy apps  Water alert and Waterlogged are ideal for motivating you to drink more water.

Do you have any more tips? All tips & tricks are welcome!

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