You know that a healthy diet and sufficient exercise are good for a healthy and happy body and mind. But do you know that a good night’s sleep is just as important? During your sleep, your body recovers, both mentally and physically. If you sleep well, you are more positive, productive and creative in life and your metabolism is better with sufficient quality sleep. Do not cut back on your night’s sleep because you think it’s a waste of your time, but invest in enough sleep.

Busy busy busy

Today’s society can be pretty demanding. But especially we ourselves as Millennials, expect a lot from ourselves. We want to excel in many, preferably all, areas and find that our lives are feasible. We are also constantly being overloaded with incentives, thanks to Social Media. In fact, our stress system is not at all made for this, and overstrain or a burn-out is lurking if you do not take your relaxation seriously. If you are over-stimulated or stressed for a long time and you are not sleeping enough, this can have a big impact on your body. Sufficient (qualitative) sleep is your most important source of energy, both physically and mentally. Your body needs to come to relaxation and the necessary recovery.

Sleep yourself happy

The mental benefits of a good night’s rest are enormous; your ability to concentrate improves, you are sharper and more alert, you can deal better with problems and setbacks, you are less ill and you are just a lot more positive, happier and more powerful in life. Enough hours in your bed make you happy. Besides sleeping, you can also do other things in bed. Research has shown that sex and good sleep are the factors that make you most happy. A good job likes on your Instagramfoto, money …… forget about it!   Just spend some more time in bed for your ultimate happiness.

Sleep well

That thick bags, a face full of sleep wrinkles and a gray face are not really attractive is clear. During your sleep, damaged skin cells are renewed and your skin gets rid of waste products. But did you know that you can even arrive from a bad night’s rest? But really! Sports is good for your body, but if your body does not get enough sleep, it can still provide extra pounds. This has everything to do with hormones and your metabolism. Good sleep improves your metabolism and during your sleep, you produce hormones that are important for this. One of the hormones that play a role is the growth hormone. This hormone is released during your sleep. It stimulates fat burning, inhibits the production of the stress hormone cortisol and also ensures cell renewal.


The amount of sleep you need differs from person to person. This has to do with different factors. For one person this is 7 hours and for the other 9 hours. Often you know about how many sleep hours you feel comfortable. Just look at how many hours you wake up from yourself without an alarm or other external effects. In addition to the number of sleeping hours (the quantity), the quality of sleep is certainly essential for a well-functioning body. Your body will not recover adequately if the sleep quality is not good.

A good night’s sleep is therefore essential for good mental and physical health and a regular and good sleep pattern helps you achieve your goals.

Do you opt for less stress and plenty of energy every day? Do you want to be mentally balanced and physically in shape?

Then ensure a good night’s sleep and do not underestimate the effect.

Good night & sweet dreams!

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