Do you want to make progress in your training? Of course, the training you do is very important. But in addition to the training, you must ensure good nutrition, rest and adequate recovery. All equally important to move forward. Fortunately, it is possible with the right measures to recover a lot faster from your workouts.

1. Cooling down

You may not feel like it after an intensive training, but do not skip it. And then I am talking about a good cooling down. A cooling down is really a must to do after your training. It ensures that your body temperature drops again and the waste can be removed. By a serious cooling down you will recover faster from your efforts. A cooling down of 10 minutes is already sufficient, so take a moment for it!

2. Allow yourself to massage

Better than this cannot be? However, a massage after an intense workout can sometimes cause some painful moments. Your muscles are still fair and all that kneading and rubbing can be sensitive. However, a message is, of course, wonderful to get. So treat yourself and let the muscle recovery promote. A good masseur can massage those knots in your muscles and provide some relaxation.

3. Good night’s sleep

Another good night’s sleep is also very important for your recovery. You do not have to act as a top athlete but a little routine will do you good. Go to bed around the same time every night and get up around the same time in the morning. It helps you to get into a good rhythm and your body finds peace in it. Do you want to sleep well? Do not play sports just before bedtime, do not take coffee in the evening and take care of a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom.

4. Do a recovery training

A recovery training is ideal after you have done intensive training the previous day. A recovery training may not have the effect you’re looking for right away, but it does accelerate your recovery. Recovery training does not have to take long, go for a quiet workout of 15 to 30 minutes. By doing a quiet recovery training your very smallest blood vessels in the muscles also absorb oxygen and carbohydrates and drain waste! Looking for a recovery training that you can do at home? This 15-minute recovery workout consists of a combination of low impact exercises and a bit of stretching.

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