More and more I see that it is about how you look, how much you weigh and what clothing size you have. Certain ‘standards’ have been devised and if you fall outside, you have to lose weight or arrive. We look less and less at how healthy we really are. Everything nowadays is about  ‘The Looks’.

The BMI (Body Mass Index)

If you have a good BMI (this indicates whether your weight fits your height), there is nothing wrong with you. It does not look at what your fat/muscle ratio is, or to a possible diet and/or movement pattern. If your BMI is correct according to the guidelines, there is nothing wrong with you, it is thought.

I can remember a moment from the past when I came to the doctor. I do not even know exactly why I came, but I had to stand on the scale and yes, of course: I was too heavy! It would be better if I did lose something, I was told. I was ten years old then. I did not look at my fat/muscle ratio, what I ate at that moment, what I was doing and how I felt nothing. The scale indicated a figure that did not fit into the list that the doctor had before him, so I was overweight and had to do something about it. How I did that I could all choose myself. This is pretty intense, I think, and certainly, if this is said to a girl ten years old at the time.

I find the way in dealing with people really worrying. When will one look at how someone feels? Or to the diet of those? How much or what someone does to exercise? Many of you I already think: yes, then you just eat too much and exercise too little. No, that is certainly not the case in all cases.

For example, if I compare myself with many friends/friends of mine, I eat fairly healthy and not too much. Yet I am one of the heaviest. How do you explain that? You also have those friends who can eat everything, but never become ‘fat’. Does this mean that someone is healthy?

The human body is an interesting machine

It has thought about everything and is rowing with the belts that it has. The goal that comes first is survival. Not everything is as black and white as is sometimes thought, unfortunately. Often it is thought that you just have to eat less and Hoppa, solved. If it was that simple, there were probably no more ‘tough’ people in the world. It is all a bit more complicated. In our machine, a number of processes can sometimes go wrong or stagnate, so that some people can burn less fat. In addition, there are also many other factors that affect this. Think of emotions, medicine, stress, but certainly also our food industry.

Massive food industry

In my opinion, our food industry has become too massive, and there are chemicals and additives everywhere that we do not need. Last time I looked at a packet of smoked salmon and even sugar was added to it. All these substances affect our brain, emotions, body and so on. There are also people who get anxiety attacks because they eat gluten. If you go to the doctor with these symptoms, the cause is not looked at, but then only the problem is treated. So you will probably get medication for it. Not to think about what kind of side effects they bring with them.

When will we look at the cause of a problem and not just the problem? When will we listen to our body again? When will we focus more on our diet and/or exercise pattern? When do we stop assessing people with a high BMI or overweight, without knowing anything about the cause?

There is always a reason why someone is not ‘slim’. Believe me, this is not always because someone eats too much and moves too little. When will we use our food and our movement as a medicine?


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