The discussion whether or not stretching is good for you has been dragging on for years. Most athletes choose to do stretching, because would you rather prevent healing?

So it is not certain whether you can really prevent injuries by stretching before and after your training. There are studies that only stretching will not help against injuries. It also appears that stretching does not even help against muscle pain. Yet there is no convincing evidence in one direction or another. We also let it in the middle or stretch now helps to prevent injuries and muscle pain. According to us, stretching is certainly not meaningless.

You become more flexible and flexible

Poor flexibility can also cause movements to be performed less technically. By stretching we make our muscles longer. An increased joint mobility is especially important in accelerated actions, torques, stroke and throw movements. In addition, they can deliver more power through a greater length. Because you are more flexible, you also adopt a better posture which in turn has a beneficial effect on your joints.

Stretching helps you relax

If you stretch well your muscles relax. That can give a positive boost to your sports performance and therefore also to your mindset. You live in the moment for a moment and you feel better about your body. It gives you a moment of rest and also puts your body in a different position so that your muscles get the chance to relax a bit.

Stretching helps to increase the oxygen content in your muscles

Because you stretch the muscles, they are less tense. The result is better circulation and more oxygen. The muscles become smoother, making the movement also smoother and more coordinated.

But stretching in itself, without necessarily having to exercise at the same time, can be very useful. Just look at yoga (or pilates), as stretching is actually the main part of the exercises. If you wake up in the morning and you do a light stretching, this can make you feel more energetic. And before you go to sleep it can provide you with a better night’s sleep.

We are curious, do you think stretching is important? Do you or do not realize the benefits?

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