Detox has been Hollywood’s megatrend for many years: it detoxifies the body and is considered a new wonder drug for more energy and well-being. The various detox cures free from harmful substances and promises beauty inside and out. We’ll show you how to rid your body of toxins and make you healthier and fitter.

The general principle is: Maintain a lifestyle that optimally supports the organs involved in detoxification and minimizes exposure to pollutants.

5 beginner tips for successful detoxing:

1 Enough drink:

Sufficient liquid (two liters of still water or herbal tea per day) makes it easier for the kidney, which cleans about 1,500 liters of blood in 24 hours, to do its job. Pollutants are flushed out faster.

2 Move a lot:

Best in the fresh air. Oxygen and exercise stimulate the metabolism, stimulate the motor system of the lymphatic system and thus ensure a faster removal of toxins. In detox yoga, in particular, the circulation of the body’s own detoxification organs such as the liver and kidneys is stimulated.

Enjoy 3 messages:

The skin is an integral part of the body’s entire detoxification and detoxification system. The mechanical appeal of massages promotes blood circulation and improves the function of the skin. And relaxation has a positive effect on the metabolism. With warm liver wraps, the central detoxification station is additionally stimulated.

4 healthy eating:

Our entire detoxification system needs a constant supply of vitamins and trace elements so that the enzymes work at a high level and pollutants can be broken down faster. Optimal: fruits, vegetables, and cereals, gently prepared. Low-processed foods also save the body unnecessarily stressful additives such as stabilizers and flavor enhancers.

5 Avoid toxins:

Always ventilate the home and workplace to minimize exposure to indoor toxins such as mold, formaldehyde, PVC softeners and flame retardants. Because in rooms, the pollution is up to four times higher than outside. Wash clothing two to three times before wearing it for the first time, and preferably wear organic cotton on the skin.

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