That water is important to you, most people know. Many forget only the importance of drinking enough water daily. According to research from the United Kingdom, one in five patients was diagnosed with the general practitioner with dehydration, mind blowing right? 

Moisture deficiency occurs if your body has a shortage of H20 or water. Many people, in addition to a dry mouth, are not familiar with the signs of fluid deficiency. As a result, it can ultimately be more difficult to avoid. Here are five signs of moisture shortage that you may have overlooked.

1. Cats

Often in case of a headache, a hangover quickly seizes all sorts of painkillers. It often only happens that the problem is a shortage of moisture. Alcohol causes dehydration of the body. This can often be attributed to dry mouth or lethargy. By drinking a lot of water the complaints often quickly resurface.

2. Worry and anxiety

Uneasiness can come from your personal environment through all kinds of reasons. It has been proven that hydration ensures better handling of information, stress and making choices. This means that the anxiety in some cases can be caused by dehydration and can be prevented by hydration.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue can have various causes. Fluid loss occurs in daily activities, if not enough water is drunk it can lead to fatigue and drowsiness. Drinking water can make the body more alert and energetic. In short, even though you are not carrying out active activities, drinking enough water remains essential.

4. Hunger

If your belly begins to rattle, it may be that you are just hungry, but did you know that hunger and thirst come from the same part of the brain? It can, therefore, happen that your appetite is due to a lack of moisture. It is possible that the hunger quickly disappears after drinking a large glass of water. By regularly drinking enough water you also avoid unnecessary snacks and snacks.

5. Urine color change

Urine consists of water and waste products from your body. Once the urine is dark in color, there is not enough water. When dehydrated, the kidneys retain water. The concentration of urine thus influences the color and smell. With good hydration, the urine looks clear, yellowish and almost odorless.

In short, drinking water regularly is very important for the body to function properly. One and a half to two liters of water per day is recommended to keep the moisture balance on the arrow. The next time you recognize one of these signals, try to drink a large glass of water, it could just be that you are suffering from a lack of fluid. So drink up!😉

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