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All we need to know about the Natural Bodybuilding. From the methods to the techniques from training, passing through the programming. Modern bodybuilding and its secrets.

we will see how to take advantage of the correct execution of the exercises and some training techniques, to improve our strength and muscle development. We will discover how the technical fees, remove the internal load of the target muscle, thwarting our efforts in the gym.

Those who work out in the gym are aware of the feeling of uneasiness created when they drink protein powder in the audience. The old lady thinks she’s a drug addict, the caring mother turns her son’s look on the other side, etc.

The answer to this question is actually very simple: NO!
If they hurt they would not be sold or the consumer would read on the label that harms his health. In reality, for our organism there is no difference between the supplements we take and the solid food we eat.

Our target is just to spread awareness!!!

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