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The crosses to the cables are now famous and extremely loved in the panorama of Italian and international bodybuilding. The celebrity of this exercise derives from the fact that it has been, for a long time, a unique in the world of training in the gym. In the absence of machinery, in fact, it is allowed to perform an open job by holding a continuous tension (something that the dumbbell crosses do not do).

In this article we will analyze what is the classic execution of cable crosses. We will then see several variations that we can include in our programming.

Execution of crosses to cables

The “classic” execution of the crossover machinery, having, then, two pulleys, one on the right and one on the left.

running cables crosses

In the starting position, the athlete has open arms and, during the concurrent phase, she performs as an adduction of the humerus until she reaches the maximum possible shortening of the pectoralis major. The cables will allow the voltage to be maintained throughout the ROM. In the eccentric phase we will simply stretch the bib to the initial position.

crosses to exercise cables


For what concerns the handles (ie the work at the level of intra and extrarotation of the humerus). We have several possibilities. The classic variant provides for the maintenance of a neutral position, thus avoiding various intra and extra rotations. We work with a supine grip , we will obtain a greater involvement of the clavicular bundles (the flexion of the humerus allows this). This variant is widely used by professional athletes. The maintenance of a prone grip is instead suggested by various technicians. First of all the guys from the MI40 Nationwhich suggest the use of this variant to work with a greater shortening of the pectoralis major. This would allow greater muscle activation. In this sense, we can also use the cables.

running crosses


The main determinant is the load. In fact, it will be used in the same way as possible for the musculature involved. In general there are two solutions:

  • Stay inside the crossover (pulleys on the sides) and flex the torso up to 90 degrees.
  • Stand 1-2 steps forward to the crossover. In this case we will have to bend the torso forward by 45-50 ° and try to load the ground as much as possible.

In general, what should we look for? The inclination of the working angle leads to an inclination (or declination) of the working angle. This could result in a differentiation of the pectoral bundle involvement. The reason for this will be that of a correct muscular activation and an executive security, therefore, the biomechanical differences between each of us can be found.

 gym crosses

Variants of the crosses to the cables

We can count different variants of the cross-sectional musculature and, possibly, the different pectoral bundles.

Crosses to low cables

This variant brings de facto to a simulation of an inclined plane. The result is a strong inclination of the anterior deltoid and clavicular beams of the chest. Our idea is to overdo the position of the pulley and keep it, possibly, at the height of the basin. Exercise for the shoulders, a pulley too low, in fact, lead to a strong involvement of the anterior deltoid and, basically, a simulation of the frontal lifts.

Crosses to high cables

The high cables, on the other hand, simulated a declination of the bench. Doubt is the greater involvement of the sternal bundles but, certainly, this variant allows a greater involvement of the chest to the detriment of the anterior deltoid . It seems to be an ideal variant to find the isolation of the chest.

Crosses on the cables on the bench

An alternative that is working, using cables, using the bench. In this case we will simulate the desired inclination. With respect to the handlebars, however, we will have an important advantage: This variant is very useful in different contexts.

Conclusions on cable crosses

The most important exercises for the great pectoral. They allow maximum involvement and maximum isolation with respect to both the different push exercises and the opening exercises. Compared to the dairy.

Knowing it, knowing how to execute it and contextualizing it is

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