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Which woman does not dream of a flat stomach? Or an hourglass figure? The ideal image of a beautiful body can be seen everywhere. Women see it continuously. Magazines, television, commercials and on the street. We all want it, but how can you achieve that?

Training and nutrition

You get a beautiful figure and a flat stomach only through a combination of healthy nutrition and training. With training, I do not mean infinite situps, but your total body. Because if you do lunges or a standing shoulder press, you also train your abs! Or actually your core. Your core is all your abdominal muscles, but also the muscles in your lower back.

By training your core you achieve more than if you only do situps. At situps, you train some abdominal muscles. If you train your core, you not only have a more complete training, but your muscles also have to work together. This has the result that your entire waist is tighter, but also that your body is stronger and feels during the daily activities.

Nevertheless, core training is often forgotten. You may not know what positive effects it can have on daily life, training, and the body or because you do not know how to train your core effectively. That is why this article! Below are the core workouts that are very effective for a flat and tight stomach!

How do you train your core?

No sit-ups to train your core. The most famous exercise is the shelf. But did you know that you can also put the plank on 1 arm and 1 leg for extra emphasis on the side of your core?


Spiderman is an exercise that is nice for beginners. This emphasizes your lower back, making it stronger.


A somewhat advanced exercise is the ab wheel. Not present in every gym, but when this is the case an excellent exercise.







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