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” I consider myself lucky to have been born in these places at this time. Lucky because I lived and I met normal men who made extraordinary gestures “.

The Fitness Album team is made up of different people, with different histories and formations, but we are all united by two great characteristics that make us special: hunger and indomitable will.

The hungry need never to be satiated, to never be satisfied, not to be believed came, not to be satisfied and recline on the results achieved or of truth comfortable.

“If you are not busy being born, you are busy dying”

The indomitable will serves to never give up, to be faithful to their dream, not to give up fatigue and moments of discouragement.

These are the two characteristics that are used to be part of the polis of the Fitness Album, the only two essentials to get out of the flock, to stand out from the crowd.

” I do not want to be a product of society, I want society to be my product ”

In those who abandon their dreams and betray the child to the man?

We are a team of professionals in the sector: graduates in physical education , doctors , physiotherapists ,  biologists , athletes and coaches . Our background is different but each of us puts a piece of his knowledge at the disposal of everyone.

We grow all together to continue riding our dream.

” Our passion has built our character, and our character defines us as people. Never lose your passion . ”

This is who we are, this is the Fitness Album

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