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Often I hear from people: “I’m not ready for yoga, I have a bad stretch.” This indicates a misconception about yoga in general. It is also aimed precisely at developing those qualities that you lack, and balancing those that are in abundance.

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It is an integrated, holistic system, due to which it affects absolutely the entire human body. Including the hormonal (endocrine) system.

Why is it so important for us and how it works? Well, at least because the problem of hormonal imbalance is now very relevant! Let’s try to understand.

In addition to external factors, the nervous and endocrine systems exert a huge influence on our physical and moral state.

Yoga practice consists of physical (asana and kriya) and respiratory (pranayama) practices, which exert the strongest health-improving effect on the human hormonal system.

silent yoga

Silent yoga: sports without stimuli

Yoga, the way to feel your zen. During yoga, we look for a balance between mind and body. The yoga trends continue to emerge and of course, we have found something new for you. We already had nude yoga, yoga with beer and yoga with your sweet little fluff. It does not stop, there is...

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sap yoga

Sap-yoga guide for beginners

Sap-yoga guide for beginners You probably already saw a video about how people do yoga on the water. Someone turns out everything, someone just starts and falls into the water. Nevertheless, these classes look much more interesting than the same yoga in the hall. And this is indeed true...

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